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Guangdong Rooman Electric Co., Ltd. is a research and development, production and sales in one of the smart home appliances company. The main products are hanging magnetic floating electric toothbrush, smart teeth cleaning, intelligent sweeping robot, smart air purifier. Is a national high-tech ente...
RD Center

  • Modeling design
    And many top domestic design companies form a strategic partnership to ensure that each ID can Have independent intellectual property rights.

  • Structural design
    R & D team has more than 20 years 8 structural design engineers to ensure high quality user experience

  • Electronic design
    Electronic components in the design, continuous innovation, through rigorous experiments to ensure that qualified to put into use.

  • Package Design
    Rooman rich product line, the design team based on different series of custom packaging style set Meter, packaging beautiful and streamlined.

  • Mold design
    Rooman in the field of injection mold design, fully own the most professional advice and the most abundant experience.
Contact Us
Zip code:523929
Address: Shutian, Humen, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province on the village road
Interactive Platform

Sweep, concerned about the WeChat
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